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Venous Reflux Studies

A Venous Reflux study uses a PPG probe affixed adjacent to the posterior tibial artery, at or above the ankle. Dorsiflexing the foot acts as a pump for venous augmentation. Recovery time is the time required for venous refilling to occur.

Venous Reflux studies are used to assess valvular competence. PPG probes are available for Koven's Bidop® 3, Smartdop® 45, Smartdop® 30EX, Smartdop® XT6, and Smartdop® XT Vascular Dopplers.

The Venous Reflux Exam

The patient is placed in a sitting position with the foot not touching the floor and the PPG probe is affixed adjacent to the posterial tibial artery.

When ready, the patient will dorsiflex the foot a set number of times (usually 5), then relax the foot as venous refilling is monitored by the Doppler.

Interpreting the Results

Normal refill time will exceed 21 seconds
Refill time between 18 and 21 seconds is questionable. Repeat the test.
If refill time is less than 18 seconds, a venous condition may exist.

Proper technique and patient cooperation are important factors when performing a venous reflux study.

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